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Click on the heart to see my household. 

I love my wacky family and as they get sites up, I'll put more links here. 

Dad works for the Prevention Research Institute

Erin My 16 year old sister's web page. 

Check out these links for some photos* of my family:

Staci and Bill My sister and her husband.

Joy and Erin More sisters (You can't have too many!!)

I also have a really great step-sister named Laura. I will add a photo of her as soon as I get one scanned in. My step brother and his wife round out my generation in the immediate family. 

Dad, Greg and Claudia 

The Kirby Family My sister Joy, her husband and children- Josh, Douglas, and Jacob

*Okay fam, email me more photos so the world can see how beautiful you are!! 


 Family news:
(I thought maybe if I told them I was putting it on my website my family would tell me what's going on!) <jk fam>
You can also leave a message on the message board.

4/8/02 Joy just let me know that Josh is heading out to Alaska. He'll be gone about a month.

Great news! Joy gave birth to a wonderful baby boy last week! Click here for a picture of the cutie!

Staci and Bill have gotten moved into their new apartment. Hopefully, they'll be staying in one place for awhile.

Hey, guys! If you have something you'd like to share, let me know!